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Finer Aluminium is proud to be your local Vantage Windows and Doors manufacturer in the Horowhenua.

We have been building quality aluminium joinery for the Manawatu, Horowhenua and Wellington Regions for over 15 years. We specialise in light commercial, retro fit double glazing, new and replacement windows. We work with homeowners, builders, and architects and can offer excellent solutions to all your joinery needs.

Finer Aluminium Windows & Doors are proud suppliers to:

• Speldhurst Country Estate

• Greenhaven Homes

• A1 Kapiti

• Homeowners and Builders throughout the Manawatu, Horowhenua and Wellington Region

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Vantage Windows & Doors

A comprehensive brochure that showcases all products in the Vantage range.

Entrance Doors

New Zealand’s largest range of entrance doors. The defining feature of your home.

Klima Series

Klima Series is an innovative range of uPVC windows and doors optimised for New Zealand conditions, based on premium Northern Hemisphere design.

AGP - State of the art glass

New Zealand's leading double-glazing technology

If thermal efficiency is among your top priorities, Klima Series is a smart bet

  • Recommended door height of 2.2m for most products, however doors can potentially be higher depending on site conditions 
  • Our window system is rated a maximum 6 energy stars under WEERS (Window Energy Efficiency Rating System) when used with high-performance glazing 
  • Units are 24mm double glazed 
  • Super thick profiles provide maximum thermal insulation. High quality weather resistance, and strength in high wind zones 
  • Available in a standard range of windows and doors, with the exception of a bi-fold format 
  • Seamless welded corners for extra strength Aligns with standard industry installation practices.

Why Choose Klima Series?

  • Thermal Efficiency – Perfect for use in the New Zealand Climate.
  • Healthier Home – An affordable investment to create a warmer, healthier home for your family.
  • Noise Reduction – Klima Series offers excellent levels of noise reduction.

About Vantage ThermalHEART technology

Advanced ThermalHEART technology lies at the centre of each profile in the Vantage Residential Series and Metro Series ThermalHEART ranges. The result - maximum energy conservation and interior comfort. A thermal insulator has been cleverly included into each window and door to ensure that cold transfer is minimised and interior warmth is retained. This powerful enhancement combined with high performance double glazing makes for the ultimate in sensible year-round living.

Why Choose ThermalHEART?

  • Thermal Efficiency – Thermal Performance up to 35% better than standard double-glazed windows.
  • Reduce Condensation – ThermalHEART can aid in managing the risk of condensation forming, therefore reducing the risk of mould growth.
  • Variety of options – There is a full range of window and door option to choose from.

Info Hub

Replacement Joinery

Replacement aluminium joinery (also called aluminium inserts) fits into your existing timber window frames, adding not only great aesthetics but better security. This is a positive and cost-effective way to double glaze your home and gain all the benefits of a clean aluminium look and low maintenance. Finer Aluminium can install replacement aluminium inserts into your home, adding value to your most important asset and comfort to your lifestyle.

Glass Options

More than just something to look through. The range of glass options available allows you to match a glass that will function to your requirements.

Types of Glass

The type of glass or treatment on the glass will result in big differences to the way your windows function. To reduce fading, use tinted or reflective glass. To control heat-loss or heat-gain, use low-E glass. To add more security or reduce noise, use laminated glass.

Double Glazing

Double-glazing consists of 2 pieces of glass separated by an air space or argon gas. There are many advantages of double glazing over traditional single pane glazing such as increased insulation and security as well as reducing condensation and noise. Double glazing can also use modern technologies like low-E coatings, argon filled and laminated glass to further enhance performance.

Retrofit Double Glazing

Finer Aluminium provides a comprehensive double-glazing service, not only when building for a new home but also when retrofitting to the Vantage suite. As well as the Vantage suite, we can also retrofit to most aluminium windows.


Choosing a colour for your windows and doors requires careful thought to enhance the overall appearance of your home. Colour selection may be influenced by your home’s cladding and interior colour schemes. The window colour may complement the cladding colour, with tones a few shades up or down, or contrasting joinery colours may be popular, especially darker natural tones and silver.


Powdercoating is the most popular surface finish and offers a huge range of colour options that cater for buildings in all locations. Our popular colour range includes 35 colours that are also available to colour-match your hardware to the joinery.

Note: when you are choosing your aluminium joinery colour, always assess the colour in natural light using an aluminium colour swatch.

Popular colours

The colours shown are an onscreen guide only and no guarantee can be given that they will be an exact colour match for the finished product. View our physical swatches for an exact match.

Arctic White* 91558851
Matt Appliance White* 9151274M
Matt Warm White Pearl* 9151176K
Matt Titania* 9152068M
Matt Canvas Cloth* 9157327M
Matt O’Keefe Grey 9157400M
Matt Bone White 9157304M
Matt Off White* 9153144M
Matt Almond 9153141M
Matt Desert Sand* 9153065M
Matt Bronco* 9152111M
Matt Lichen 9156101M
Matt Mist Green 9156103M
Bond Rivergum 91552027
Matt Permanent Green/Kelp 9156102M
Matt Karaka 9156064M
Matt Lignite 9158033M
Matt Ironsand* 9158096M
Window Bronze* 9158068K
Matt Metropolis® Electric Cow* 9158028K
Matt Pioneer Red 9154194M
Matt Scoria 9154114M
Matt Wizard 9155197M
Matt New Denim Blue* 9155063M
Matt Slate Blue 9155147M
Matt Ghost Grey 9157401M
Silver Pearl* 9157113K
Matt Sandstone Grey* 9157217M
Palladium Silver* 2727136K
Matt Grey Friars 9157167M
Matt Charcoal* 9159058M
Matt Gravel 9157404M
Matt Flax Pod* 9159145M
Metropolis® Coal Dust* 9159069K
Matt Black* 9159041M
* Also available in Duratec®. Refer to Dulux® for Duratec® colour codes.
® Dulux, Duralloy, Duratec and Metropolis are registered trade marks of Dulux Powder and Industrial Coatings. We use Dulux Powder and Industrial Coatings.


Anodised finishing is a highly popular choice for architectural projects, and is a durable and colour fast technology that offers an alternative to powdercoating. Altherm offers matt 'frost' finish as standard.

As for colours and film thicknesses, there are plenty of options: Silver, in 12 and 25 microns. Bronze in light, medium or dark, 12 and 25 microns. Black, 25 microns only. Champagne, in 25 microns only. 

For properties in coastal, industrial or other corrosive environments, 25 microns is recommended, and may even be required to qualify for a warranty. (Note: the anodised coating has a 10-year warranty for 12 micron anodising, and 20 years for 25 microns.)

Note: when you are choosing your aluminium joinery colour, always assess the colour in natural light using an aluminium colour swatch. We are able to provide you with the colour swatch samples upon request.

Mannex Entrance Door Colours

Our low sheen entrance door surface finish is developed specifically to endure the knocks and scuffs typical in high traffic entranceways.

The Mannex powdercoat finish has a slightly different look to the powdercoating on your aluminium joinery. Contact your local manufacturer to see a sample of the finish.

All of our doors are available in dual colour, with the exception of the Slimline Plasma and Aquila. This means you can match the look of your internal and external colour schemes, rather than having to pick one look for both sides of your door.

Dark colours may not be suitable for doors that are exposed to prolonged direct sunlight as this may cause the colour to fade, so careful consideration needs to be made when choosing your entrance door colour/s.

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